Founded in 2014, Shearwater Aero Capital offers a variety of business aviation-related services. Our highly experienced team has the knowledge and skill to lead you through the process of financing an aircraft.

Asset Based Loans & Leases

We are a private finance company offering asset based financing on business jet aircraft for clients across the globe. 

We act as a direct lender with our funds coming from our private investors comprised of Family Offices and HNWI. As a result, we are not burdened with the regulations that Banks or larger Financial Institutions face and pride ourselves on being flexible and structuring deals to comply with our clients needs as much as possible. 

We offer the following financing structures:

  • Asset Based or Limited Recourse Loans

Using the aircraft as collateral with a down payment we can finance from application to closing in as little as 4 weeks.

  • Operating Leases

We offer wet and dry leasing options on business jets and turbo props in mature and emerging markets.

  • Pre-Delivery Payment Financing

We offer pre-delivery payment financing to increase liquidity through progress payments when purchasing a new aircraft.

  • Bridge Financing

We can provide short-term financing quickly with no prepayment penalties to help maintain liquidity while looking for a long-term solution.

Appraisals, Valuation and Expert Witness Services


Since launching Shearwater Aero Capital nearly 4 years ago we have focused our attention on providing privately funded asset-based loans on business aircraft. As asset-based financiers, we needed to become experts in aircraft valuation. Along our way we have helped an increasing number of partner institutions and companies with their appraisal and aircraft valuation needs. A recent increase in demand for these specific services have encouraged us to launch Shearwater Appraisal Services to better serve our existing appraisal clients. We are now able to provide specific appraisal services for all of our existing and new clientele. Please visit our sister site or contact us to learn more about what we can do to help you.